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Quality Control Management

Our strict quality inspection process is the core part of our quality control system. In order to ensure that our customers "buy with peace of mind, with peace of mind", we have formulated each inspection step to ensure the practical and effective implementation. We have advanced inspection process, professional testing equipment, and most importantly - experienced IQC engineers, professional and responsible working attitude, to ensure that our customers receive world-class quality goods.

I. Appearance Inspection
All incoming goods will be inspected for appearance and detailed inspection records will be made.
Manufacturer, manufacturer‘s material number, quantity, date of production and environmental protection standard inspection.
Packaging inspection, whether the packaging is intact/complete, whether the packaging material meets the corresponding MSL standard requirements.
Screen printing (Marking) inspection, consistency test, check the original specifications, description of the document.
Material appearance inspection, dust condition, whether Pin feet are deformed, whether Pin feet have oxidized signs.
HS CODE inspection, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information.

II. Engineer re-inspection
All materials found to be doubtful in the appearance inspection, or materials supplied by suppliers other than the "Tier 1 suppliers" in the system should be re-inspected by engineers.
Review the appearance inspection process
Refer to the quality control database, check the manufacturer‘s labels/markings, code markings.
Barcode scanning inspection
Check with the original factory for lot number (Lot No.), production date, wafer/package origin.
Simple electrical performance test

III. Quality Test
All goods that are not recognized by the engineers in the re-inspection process will enter the quality test process.
Solderability test
D-CAP analysis
Anatomical analysis
Electrical Conformance Test
Original factory test and analysis report

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